Typical Projects

What size are most FOCUS Teams?

  • Teams range in size from 2-10 people. For the sake of healthy team dynamics, we are committed to not send teams that only have one member of either gender.

How long are FOCUS Projects?

  • Most FOCUS teams can spend anywhere from 5-10 weeks to 4-6 months overseas. We want our teams to have plenty of time to engage the culture, build friendships, and learn.
  • Exact starting and ending dates for projects are determined by what is best for our international partners.

What do the teams do?

  • Most teams teach English programs, study a local or national language, conduct a cultural exchange, or work as business interns. Each project is unique; for more information about a specific role you’re looking to fill or have filled please contact the FOCUS office.

Where do the teams live?

  • Most teams live in dorms or international student housing on a university campus. Some teams live in apartments near universities or other locations where they will be spending their time.

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