Meet Focus

Seldom is any group or organization completely self-sufficient. Seldom are they able to fulfill all of the demands of their constituents with excellence. This is certainly true of campus organizations who desire to equip their students to engage and learn from other societies to make their world a better place.

In addition to all of the responsibilities that go with developing young men and women to be effective leaders in their local setting, those who lead college and university students want to find opportunities for their students to experience other cultures overseas and learn from others who lead in cross-cultural contexts. They want their students to be able to give meaningfully to people and societies of other cultures and backgrounds, including their own. At the same time they hope to find international partners who genuinely care about their students and will take initiative to lead, and mentor them.

For almost twenty years, FOCUS International has served to introduce collegiate leaders here in the US with people overseas who believe in college and university students, and has provided experiential training to students and recent graduates who want to make a difference in the lives of men and women who live in some of the most difficult places in the world and learn from their peers around the globe. They have facilitated unique opportunities for them to serve in locations worldwide with supervisors who are committed to mentor and encourage them while they are there.

The FOCUS International staff and Board of Directors have decades of experience investing in the lives of college and university students. Our teams have served in more than thirty countries around the world. Our training is some of the best available.

Key Distinctives:

  • FOCUS delivers world class training for cross-cultural experiences.
  • FOCUS places inestimable value on student potential.
  • FOCUS facilitates due diligence around field opportunities, oversight and logistics.
  • FOCUS is a trusted, sustainable link between its stateside and overseas partners.